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Anhui Zhongyan: Huangshan series etc.
Fujian ZhongYan: Septwolves series and so on
Guangdong ZhongYan: Double happiness day series The five leaves god series and so on
Guangxi ZhongYan: The dragon series Guilin series etc.
Guizhou ZhongYan: Huangguoshu your smoke series, etc
Hebei ZhongYan: Diamond series
Henan ZhongYan: Emgrand series Yellow gold leaf series and so on
Hongta group: Yuxi series Hongta series etc.
Hongyun honghe group: Clouds series Diaoyutai series The hulunbuir series and so on
Hubei ZhongYan: Yellow crane tower series The red dragon series and so on
Hunan ZhongYan: White series Hibiscus king series, etc
Jiangsu ZhongYan: Sue smoke series yipin mei series Nanjing series etc.
Jiangxi ZhongYan: He series etc.
Shaanxi ZhongYan: Good cat series etc.
Shanghai ZhongYan: The series of zhongnanhai series double happiness series, etc
Sichuan ZhongYan: Creature series etc.
Zhejiang ZhongYan: Liqun lion series derviser series etc