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What are the classifications of the die?

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Laser die; aluminum die; engraving die; etching die; wood laser die; die material; die die equipment; die cutter die; electronic laser die; rubber plate laser die; FPC laser die, stripping die
Electronic materials, printing and packaging, plastic packaging, leather, toys, automobiles, decoration, rubber products, EVA and various foams, precision electronic gaskets, Mylar sheets, nameplates, flexible circuit boards, etc.
The traditional die-cutting method is drawn with a pencil or a ballpoint pen on the knife template, and then sawn by a sawing saw. During the moving process, a misalignment is generated and an error occurs; the processing speed is slow; and after the laser cutting machine is used, the drawing design is It can be directly carried on the computer. The knife template is fully automatic and cut by the laser cutting machine without manual intervention. The error is small and the speed is fast. The application of the laser die cutting machine can significantly accelerate the development of the enterprise and improve economic efficiency.
The working process of the laser die is: Firstly, in the AUTOCAD or impact or other software developed for the die, the die that needs to be produced is designed, processed according to the actual situation, and then stored as the file format accepted by the corresponding machine, then the device can be started. Perform template processing. After the completion, the die-cutting cutter line is installed to form a finished cutter.
Computer bending machine and computer cutting machine
Nowadays, the development of the die cutter is not only the credit of the laser cutting machine. In the past few years, various computer bending machines and cutting machines have entered the market, bringing unlimited convenience to the die making, improving work efficiency and reducing The bending tool forming error can be regarded as the development of the die with the merits of these devices.
Computer equipment and traditional hand-made, although the computer bending machine can not fully realize the shape of the doll 100% bend in place, but the straight shape in the simple shape and straight knife cutting precision is extremely high. Effectively accelerate production efficiency. There are computer equipment combined with manual production, which is basically more than double the speed of pure manual.